Manifesting Your 2019: A Black Girls Teach Vision Board Experience
2:00 PM14:00

Manifesting Your 2019: A Black Girls Teach Vision Board Experience

This is not your typical vision board party! While our “Independent Work Time” will be focused primarily on creating your vision board. Our DO NOW, Guided Practice, Closing Activities, and Homework are where the real WORK is. Are you ready to Manifest your vision for 2019? Let's get into it!

During our time we will engage in reflective and empowering practices for us to get clear on our goals. We will allow this to guide us with envisioning our 2019. We will walk away with clear strategies for holding ourselves more accountable for working towards and achieving your goals AND with as an AMAZING motivating Vision Board.

This Event is For You If:

1. You are open to being reflective about what is it is that you truly desire for 2019.

2. You understand that a vision board is one essential component of manifesting your desires by serving as a visual reminder of your goals.

3. You are ready to go beyond the vision board to learn additional strategies to manifest your vision or 2019!

4. You understand the importance and power of sisterhood amongst Black women in the Education community!

We will have mimosas and your favorite snacks on deck ( a survey will be given before attending)! We will be providing the materials needed to create your vision board. An email will be sent out with a more detailed material list before the start of the event

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Best Practices and Brunch: Literacy Instruction
11:30 AM11:30

Best Practices and Brunch: Literacy Instruction

Join us for first Brunch and Best Practices Series, where we will collectively discuss/share resources and best practices to support one another in a specific instructional area. This month's focus will be on literacy instruction. Prior to the event, we will share a survey to get your grade level and assess what areas of literacy instruction that are your strengths and which areas you'd like to grow your practice is. We will try our best to seat you accordingly. 

Please Note: Each person is responsible for paying their own bill/tip


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BGT Gem Session: Shining Your Own Light
6:00 PM18:00

BGT Gem Session: Shining Your Own Light

Join us for BGT Gem Sessions, where we explore proactive ways to handle issues that Black educators often face. We offer a safe and reflective learning space with educators just like you! This session will focus on marketing our strengths and talents within our school community and online. Participants will leave with clear, proven strategies to ensure that the great work that they are doing in their classroom is made visible, allowing them to be in a better position to access more career opportunities.  These are the gems that have helped us to position ourselves for greatness! Join us to get some of these gems! Light refreshments will be served. 

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